Encore Public

We help you navigate your insurance company
so claims get resolved and paid.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Our mission is to help you face your insurance company when it is trying to underpay or deny a claim.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the claims process – and its complexities – & we’re here to ensure you’re treated fairly so you can restore your property and get back to life.

Damage Types

If you’ve experienced damage in your home or property, you may benefit from having an advocate on your behalf.

Most often, our clients choose Encore to assist with damage from water, fire, smoke, high winds, and hail. Regardless of the loss you’ve experienced, if you’re not getting fair treatment from your insurance company, it’s time to talk to an adjuster.

Roof Collapse

How We Help

At Encore Public Adjusters, we help you resolve your insurance claim. We do that by assessing and documenting your property damage.

Next, we’ll review your insurance policies and file the claim if you haven’t already. From there, we will negotiate on your behalf and advocate for a fair and maximum settlement amount.

Meet Gaby & JT Lacich

We’ve worked for years on behalf of insurance companies as adjusters. After repeatedly seeing unfair practices, we were moved to start Encore Public Adjusters, which allows us to use our experience and expertise on behalf of home and property owners who deserve more.


How do I know if I need a public adjuster?

If you’re filing a claim with your insurance company for damage (or have already filed a claim) it could be beneficial to talk to our team.

We offer a free assessment to review your situation and determine if having an advocate can help. The best outcome for our clients is that they are treated fairly and compensated with a maximum settlement amount – thanks to our team working on their behalf.

How long do most claims take to resolve?

While some claims can be resolved in a few months or less, others require more time to negotiate a fair settlement.

While we can’t guarantee how quickly your insurance company may take, we can often provide an estimate after assessing your unique situation. Click here to request a free consultation with our team.